Unique Functions of IP PBX

¡·Connect to PSTN through FXO interface

Essence IP PBX series can connect to the PSTN or traditional PBX telephony network through the built-in FXO or ISDN interface card.
Users with traditional telephone can connect to IP PBX through FXO interface card by only dialing the general phone numbers. Moreover, they can also dial the network extensions through DTMF module. The solutions provided by Essence Technology is the best bridge between VoIP and PSTN systems.

¡·Connect to outbound SIP servers

Essence IP PBX series can register to other SIP servers, such as ITSP platforms, small IP PBX in branches, or large IP PBX in headquarters, in order to provide the telephone service worldwide.

          Essence IP PBX registers with the outbound ITSP soft switch platforms

Essence IP PBX is based on SIP standard to register with the outbound SIP platforms of any ITSP.
¡» Essence IP PBX can set the dialing plan so that all users can dial in the original way to connect to the outbound ITSP via Internet, and then connect to PSTN telephones.
¡·Register with various ITSP platform

                Essence IP PBX supports various ITSP services simultaneously

Essence IP PBX can register to different outbound ITSP service as a relative independent user.
¡» Can register with various ITSP account and service number in order to have the economical rate for different regions.
¡» To build virtual oversea path through registering with ITSP in different countries
¡» Users can set different Dialing method to connect to different ITSP systems.
¡» The calls from different outbound ITSP can directly reach to the users in Essence IP PBX.

¡·Call Waiting and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

                                             Support Call Waiting and ACD

Essence IP PBX can have various ACD queues. Each queue can choose one of the five distribution policies including round-robin, random, least recent, fewest calls and ring all. This application can raise the efficiency of company¡¦s communications. The picture simply describes the unique features and applications of queues.
For example, to build a virtual customer service for a small company. All members of customer service only have to connect to the internet at home and build Webcall and CRM systems with web pages so as to save large amount of costs.

¡·Meet-me Conference  

Essence IP PBX has meet-me conference function, and this function can mix, record the voice and control the meeting. Users can dial in the conference from an internal network, PSTN or outbound ITSP. It support up to 24 users to join the meeting. The following image shows the meet-me conference scenario.

                                       The Scenario of meet-me conference

¡·Voice Mail

Essence IP PBX has built-in voice mail subsystem. The following picture shows the voice mail processing module.

                                    Voice mail processing module

Essence IP PBX can let the caller from other extensions, ITSP or PSTN to leave the message to an extension. The system will send the notified e-mail to the extension if the extension requires. Users can also configure your own greetings or transfer the calls to mobile or any other communication applications.

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