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Based on the features of IP PBX, Essence Technology designed many kinds of solutions for enterprises in order to save the communication cost, manage the enterprise more efficiently and raise the enterprise¡¦s competitiveness.

¡·New infrastructure of Essence IPBX series solutions

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¡»Extension Registration: The small IP PBXs at branches in Shanghai and the USA are registered to the large IP PBX in Taipei headquarters, and create SIP tunnels. In this way, extensions in the company, no matter in Taipei, Shanghai or the USA can call each other by only dialing the extension numbers. It can also have the internet telephone number through registering with the ITSP.
¡» No cost in intranet: With managing the IP PBX in Taipei headquarters, calls among headquarters, and branches in Shanhai and the USA is free!
¡» Dial-in: The outbound line can dial the extensions in IP PBX at Taipei, Shanghai or the USA through the IP telephone number provided by ITSP or the local PSTN (using the FXO port at the local office to connect the local PSTN).
¡» Dial out: All extensions in IP PBX can call any telephone around the world through IP PBX with ITSP service. Extensions in different locations can have local calls through the FXO port in the company. If not through ITSP, the exteneions at three locations can dial the IP PBX at Taipei, Shanghai or the USA, and then dial the local calls to save the fees of international calls. Only fees of local calls is required.

¡·Using Essence IP PBX as a core to build a call center of the company

Images of Solutions                              

¡» To build a small customer service call center: The company can configure the extensions in various branched to create queues. After that, when the regional clients dial the local PSTN number to the company or dial the ITSP IP phone number to the IVR system, the clients can find the service they need based on the IVR. In this way clients can have the voice service around the world with free or local call rate.
¡» Hot-line: For the supply chain in the company, the company can assign those partners a hot-line number, and all partners can enjoy the free calls.

¡·Special case for ITSP

¡» Traffic convergence in a group: ITSP can use Essence IP PBX to provide the traffic convergence in a regional group company. All calls from headquarters and branch offices can direct to ITSP through IP PBX in order to have large and steady traffic.

Images of Solutions

¡» Add-on Value: ITSP can use IP PBX as the information delivering platform to provide some more add-on values for any kind of IP Phone. These add-on values can send out different information for different clients

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